National Hellenic Museum

Greek Immigrant Journey to America

The Need

The National Hellenic Museum (NHM) and Cultural Center is dedicated to connecting generations to the legacy of Greek culture and history and the Greek story in America.

In its ongoing mission to educate its visitors, NHM decided to focus on sharing about Greek immigrants and their journey to America.

  • Museum Visitor Education

  • Virtual Learning Journey

  • Interactive Storytelling

  • Engaging Visuals & Animations

  • Touch Screen Kiosk

The Solution

KDG teamed up with the NHM staff to develop an educational program that connects visitors with the past by sharing historical and emotional perspectives of immigrant stories. By preserving the memory of individuals, the program carries forward a better understanding of history.

This program was developed as a kiosk installation, allowing the visitor to navigate and interact via a large touch screen. This is ideal for entire families to experience together.

The visitor first chooses between two main sections:

“My Immigrant Journey” is an interactive journey where the visitor takes on the role of an immigrant and has to make important decisions along the way to America as well as settling in America.


“Greek American Stories” which provides an oral history video database of people sharing their personal journey to America. The visitor can select from many personal stories to learn more.

Experience the Project

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