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National Hellenic Museum

Take on the role of a Greek Immigrant back in time. This educational program is an interactive journey where you will make choices and important decisions along the way on your journey to America.

To learn more about this project, view our case study.

This program has been acknowledged for outstanding learning by winning a bronze International Serious Play Award!

Scenario-Based Learning

Review our scenario-based eLearning demo, an interactive showcase designed to highlight an innovative approach to training. It emphasizes the importance of excellent soft skills and product support, which are crucial for the success of any sales representative. While not directed toward any specific clinical device or procedure, this program demonstrates the value and effectiveness of scenario-based learning.

Immerse yourself in this ten-minute demo and consider this as a springboard for your own training approach.

Heart Logic – Challenge Game

KDG developed a custom game-based eLearning quiz to support customer education. The primary audience for this eLearning includes allied healthcare professionals (AHPs). Our client needed to educate their customer’s knowledge and understanding of HeartLogic, a personalized, remote heart failure diagnostic and monitoring solution.

This quiz challenge revolves around a board game theme where learners must answer questions to earn points and progress around the board. The learner must answer at least 80% of the answers correctly to receive a certificate of completion.

To learn more about this project, view our case study.

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