Custom LMS

Considering a LMS solution?

With the plethora of learning management systems available, choosing a LMS can be overwhelming and confusing. You may find yourself wondering –

“What’s the best solution for me?”

There are many off-the-shelf LMS products that could work for you. They can offer convenience as a hosted membership system, typically referred to as a software as a service (SaaS) solution.

This LMS solution offers a more or less ready-to-go ‘baked-in’ standard menu of features and functionality that will suffice for many organizations.

Some will have training modules that you can license. If you don’t have many branding requirements and if generic training modules are all you need, an off the shelf solution could work for you.

A custom LMS gives you options and flexibility.

Typically a SaaS solution will lack in offering any specific features that you need.

KDG offers complete, customized LMS solutions. One of the biggest advantage of choosing a custom solution is there are no per user/per month pricing model. You own the LMS. It’s like buying a house vs. renting an apartment. And like a house, you have full freedom to customize the look and functionality. You can paint the front door of your house red but an apartment complex likely will have restrictions and rules to follow, prohibiting that.

An off-the-shelf LMS will allow you to upload your logo and offer limited design choices when considering your brand. For many, corporate branding and user experience is important for its identity, considering both employees and customers. A custom built LMS offers the ability to design your brand and user experience completely tailored to your needs.

If you want to customize your training to only include the information relevant to your learners, you may want to consider a custom solution.

Another big advantage with a custom LMS is the freedom to customize functionality. Many off-the-shelf LMS solutions are like a swiss army knife. Every possible feature is included whether you want it or not. It’s like renting an apartment with a rooftop swimming pool. Part of the rent you pay goes to maintaining that pool, even if you do not know how to swim. When you buy a house, you don’t consider houses with pools, avoiding that unnecessary expense. KDG’s custom solution will only include features that are relevant to you and your learners. Not only does this control costs, it is much less confusing for your learners, streamlining their learning experience.

Custom LMS Key Features & Advantages

Ready to explore a custom LMS solution for your learners?