About Us

KDG is a Digital Learning Agency that creates eLearning experiences to grow your people and your organization

With over 25 years experience, KDG specializes in providing custom learning solutions for organizations in the US and globally.

Our experienced and talented team consists of instructional, creative, and development experts. We focus on creating learning experiences that help inspire, educate and empower your learners.

Working Together

For many years, our team has embraced the remote work approach. Fast forward to current times and we haven’t skipped a beat. Technology enables us to work efficiently, both as a team and with our clients.

Our Story

As pioneers in eLearning, we have gained much experience over the years. We have been fortunate to support a variety of clients, focusing on helping them reach their training and educational goals.

Our successful history has met a diverse range of organizational needs including training and education for employees, customers, academia and cultural institutions. Page through our snapshot gallery that consists of a variety of custom training and education solutions. You can also review some of our in-depth case studies.

Our Values and Mission

We aspire to support your organization’s growth with exceptional training and education solutions.

By utilizing proven learning principles combined with creativity and technology, we can positively affect your learner’s knowledge and performance.

Our Vision and View to the Future

We are life-long learners, passionate about the science of learning, infusing our solutions with creativity and technology. It is amazing how technology is changing at a rapid pace. We see the opportunity to learn and apply new technologies to digital learning in increasingly better ways.

As we move forward, we will continue to create and deliver exceptional digital learning solutions for our clients and build their success.

Our Commitment to You

We believe in hard work and dedication to create and deliver to you a learning solution that will make a positive difference for your organization. When we take on a project, we work closely with you every step of the way. Within our working partnership, we encourage discussion and feedback frequently to insure we are meeting expectations. Together we achieve success.

Ready to move your digital learning to the next level?